Cape Dune Mole Rat Trail – Birding

The Cape Dune Mole Rat Trail: A Birding Adventure with Outdoor Heartbeat & Birdwatcher

Imagine this: Crisp morning air invigorates your senses as you embark on a birding expedition with Outdoor Heartbeat & Birdwatcher. Our destination: the captivating Cape Dune Mole Rat Trail at Rondevlei and Swartvlei near Sedgefield, a treasure trove for bird enthusiasts. This trail not only offers breathtaking scenery but also contributes to a vital citizen science project – SABAP2.

Why SABAP2 Matters:

SABAP2 relies on passionate volunteers like you to record bird distribution across southern Africa. By participating, you become part of a movement shaping bird conservation efforts for future generations.

Exploring Diverse Habitats:

The Cape Dune Mole Rat Trail, spanning roughly 7 kilometers, unfolds a tapestry of habitats. Traverse through fynbos teeming with life, amble along the dune bush, and encounter the serenity of the riverine and vlei areas. This diverse landscape promises a thrilling birding experience, catering to various bird species.

A Success Story in Every Sighting:

Our recent guided tour yielded a delightful collection of 45 bird species, a testament to the trail’s rich biodiversity. Spot the majestic Grey-headed Gull soaring overhead, or witness the vibrant Bokmakierie flitting amongst the foliage. The melodic song of the Karoo Prinia might grace your ears, while the Black Saw-wing and Lesser Swamp Warbler add a touch of intrigue. Even a glimpse of the elusive Black Crake or the Giant Kingfisher can make your day!

Embrace the Unexpected:

While birding success can sometimes be influenced by factors like water levels (which were lower than usual on our recent trip, impacting photography opportunities), the thrill of discovery remains constant. Let our experienced guides transform your birding experience into an unforgettable adventure.

Ready to embark on your birding odyssey? Contact Outdoor Heartbeat & Birdwatcher today and explore the wonders of the Cape Dune Mole Rat Trail!

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