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Take a walk with us into the still largely untouched Makuleke Concession in the Northern Kruger National Park. Get close to Nature, spending quality time in the African Bush with experienced trails guides, learning from them and sharing their infectious passion for the bush and the wilderness spirit. We are offering just such an opportunity to enjoy a wilderness trail spending up to 5 nights/6 days exploring the 24000ha Makuleke Concession on foot with your life on your back for the duration of the Trail!

The Makuleke’s limited road structure lends itself well to the wilderness backpacking concept, allowing us to traverse secluded areas that are well known for their amazing degrees of biodiversity without coming across humanity in any form!

The Trail

Each trail is led by experienced trail guides with the days revolving around the wilderness concept leaving minimal trace and impact on the environment. Participants will become totally immersed in this wilderness area, without any modern electronic devices, where time will be measured only by the rising and setting sun!

Days will be spent walking in game-rich areas where any of the Big 5 could be encountered at any time while the natural flora, interpretation of animal tracks, signs, birds and their very often frustrating calls will be identified and discussed.

In the evenings, eco-friendly camps will be set up and water collected with each participant then having the opportunity to reflect on the day and life in general as they keep watch around the small fire while others sleep.

What to bring:

  • Backpack – adequate size (50l – 70l)
  • Food – The trails are self-catering, and meals should be personalized for your enjoyment and ease of carrying. Should you need advice on any meal format you are welcome to speak to us beforehand.
  • Plastic bags for refuse. What you bring in, you take out.
  • Light Sleeping bag (check temperature rating)
  • Sleeping bag inner (if needed for warmth & keeps sleeping bag clean.
  • Sleeping mat (foam roll mat) or light inflatable hiking mattress.
  • Cooking/eating utensils (Light metal cup/dixie to cook, a small sharp knife and wooden spoon to eat with is sufficient).
  • Hiking gas stove (plus spare gas canister in case you run out).
  • Personal first aid kit (optional and keep it small) – The guides will have comprehensive kits.
  • Water purification tablets/drops, water flocculants
  • 2 or 3 litre bladder (to drink from whilst walking) or any water bottle/container with such sufficient capacity.
  • Torch/ head lamp (strong beam) – new batteries and spar .
  • Personal toiletries including:
    • Toilet paper & sunscreen.
  • Personal clothing: Neutrally coloured, 1 set for walking, 1 set for sleeping, spare pair of socks,
    • Fleece for cold weather, beanie for cold heads. Nights can be chilly in the winter.
  • Good comfortable walking shoes/boots/trainers.
  • Light closed comfortable shoes for evenings.
  • Rain poncho (can also be used as ground sheet to sleep on).
  • Hat (preferably wide brimmed)\
  • The Makuleke is a Malaria area, please consult your doctor for advice on the necessary precautions.

Trail Size and Duration:

The Trail is limited to a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4 people while it is usually scheduled for 5 nights, 6 days but this can be shortened to a minimum of 3 nights, 4 days to suit your time schedule.

All Trailists will be encouraged to participate in:

  • Planning, setting up and cleaning up of camp sites.
  • Night watch.
  • Planning for and collection of water replenishment.
  • Trailing/tracking of game where appropriate

Minimum Requirements:

  • Love of nature.
  • A wilderness-spirit.
  • Spirit of adventure.
  • Adequate fitness and ability to carry your backpack long periods. You can expect to walk between 10-15km a day, perhaps more depending on availability of water.

We look forward to hosting you on the Makuleke Backpack Wilderness Trail. Should you have any queries please contact us at any time.

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