Ben Fouche

Ben Fouche

Ben grew up on a farm near Pretoria in South Africa. As a youngster he always had a keen interest in nature. He is a keen hiker, fly-fisherman and avid birder. Apart from birding his other passion is bird and nature photography. Ben is the owner and director of Outdoor Heartbeat (Pty) Ltd and a registered National Tour Guide for nature and culture. Some of his trip reports and photos can be viewed on All images on this website’s home slider, gallery and those on were taken by him.

Ben is a proud member of Birdlife SA as well as Birdlife Northern Gauteng. He is also a citizen scientist for SABAP2 (South African Bird Atlas Project 2). He has undertaken more than 300 birding trips of which more than 270 were recorded and submitted as trip cards to SABAP2. These trips include day, weekend and longer trips.


“Ben, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.  It was a wonderful experience and we really appreciate all the time you devoted to us.  The list of sightings is nothing short of amazing especially in light of our late start.  We hope to be able to do this again. With sincere thanks, Joe and Anne Caruso”


“Ben loves to entertain tourists on these occasions and we have many memorable times around the camp fires. His knowledge of the cultural and historical aspects of most areas makes him a very interesting companion and guide. His knowledge of nature which include wildlife, astronomy, birds and reptiles is outstanding and I have spent many hours with Ben in the veld. Ben is a responsible guide and has a good knowledge of tracking and bush signs.I have accompanied Ben on many birding trips and I am impressed with his knowledge of birds, bird behaviour and bird calls. Ben has opened a new dimension in birding for me. Since I have started birding with Ben my love for birds has been rekindled and I look forward to the next trip.”


“Imagine this, walking in the veldt, birds chirping and general nature doing what general nature does. Ben takes the lead and indicates for us to stop, he then starts whistling, bird calling actually and the birds reply in unison. Birds that we had not seen started popping out their nests and other hiding places, almost like old friends, they chat. What an amazing and exciting time we had with Ben from Bird Watcher.
His knowledge of the terrain, climate and history of the region is only surpassed by his birding skills. Birding with Ben will make you see nature in a different light.
Thank you Ben for an amazing time.”

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